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These websites do not need to be complex or expensive.  They need to communicate what the business does (the goods or services it offers) and how customers can get the business to do it for them (contact information).  Most importantly, the website must be easily found.  Customers are going to search Google using the business category.  For instance, someone wanting his lawn mowed is going to open his computer, type in the search bar, “Lawn Care.”  Google then adds the location either using the user's IP address or Google profile.  A visible website gives your business the best chance of being chosen.

Take the Google Test.  Search the web to find how you rank verses your competitors.  Use this link to go to Google and search for your business’s category (what you would be under in the phonebook).  For more information about being found on Google, read my page about Google Places and being found on Google maps.

How Customers Find Businesses in the 21st Century

Google is rapidly replacing the phonebook as the place local businesses are found.  It is vital for local businesses to have a visible website that is easily found through search engines.