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About Us

Fisher Websites is a business started by Joseph Fisher with the help of his wife, Heather.   Heather is the creator of www.WellRegistered.com, www.ShowerThatBaby.com and many other websites that generate advertisement and other income.  We make it easy for businesses and non-profits to get custom websites.  We understand that the internet has largely replaced the phonebook as the way customers find businesses.  A website is the fundamental way for businesses to be found on the internet.

It is not hard to find a web designer with the technical ability to create a website.  The biggest obstacle is finding a web designer that makes it easy to get the custom website you desire.  We understand this.  That is why we incorporate sophisticated simplicity into the process of getting the website and into the design of the website itself.  All you have to do to get started is fill out a online request form.  We will then build a website design for your review.  You will be surprised with how easy we make getting the custom website you want!

Very quickly, our most popular service is the free do it yourself tutorial we have created.  Check it out!