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Google Places Business Profile

How to Create a Google Places Business Profile

Step 1: Check if your business is already listed on Google Maps.

Step 2:  Create or claim your Google Places business profile.

The video to the right will walk you through the process.

If you do not feel like doing it yourself, see the bottom this page about how you can get me to do it for you.

Why is a Google Places Business Profile Important?

  1. 1. It places your business on Google Maps.  Being seen on Google Maps is important for local business.  Even if an internet user is searching with Google and not specifically using Google Maps, Google pulls results from Google Maps and places it at the top of the page for many searches.

If someone types "Lawn Care" into Google, Google uses that computer's IP address or Google user's profile to determine the location and then displays local results with map at the top of the results page.  The image shows the Google Maps results highlighted in yellow.  This is the result of a regular Google search for "Lawn Care".  There are only two other listings that show up without scrolling that are not paid advertising listings.

  1. 2. It provides Google with accurate information about your business.  This means that when customers do find your business using Google, the information they get is accurate.  It also increases your ranking with all Google searches.  Even if your business is not local, your Google results will be strengthened by having a Google Places Business Profile.

Google Places is important.  Where your business ranks within Google Places is just as important.  You can create a Google Places profile without having a website, but having a website is key to increasing your ranking within Google Places.  To learn more about getting a custom website that is built with sophisticated simplicity, please visit my Home page.