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Sophisticated simplicity means you get more than just a website.  The following do not cost anything extra:

  1. Contact Form (example: www.HuntersComfortUSA.com)

  2. Embedded Google Map (example: www.ProvidenceFarmTX.com)

  3. Embedded Videos (example: www.ProvidenceFarmTX.com)

  4. PayPal Integration (example: www.CutiePieTShirts.com)

  5. Slide Show (example: www.WellRegistered.com)

  6. Directions to Set Up a Google Maps Business Profile (available here)

  7. Directions to create QR Codes (available here)

  8. A Standard Implementation of Meta Tags (Keywords, Page Descriptions, and Title Tags) to Increase Your Websites's Search Engine Optimization  (learn more)

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