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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can customers use a domain that they purchase on their own?

Yes.  The customer can have their own domain name purchased and we can work with the entity that is providing them access to the domain.  This does not, however, reduce the annual hosting, domain, and maintenance fee we charge.  Many customers do prefer to buy the domain themselves.  If you would like to buy a domain yourself, visit our Special Deals page to get a discount with Godaddy.  You do not need to purchase hosting as we provide hosting for all of our customers.

  1. Can customers use hosting that they purchase on their own?

No.  We only use our own hosting service because we have run into too many complications of trying to accommodate customers in this situation in the past.  Often, the hosting they have causes problems and it is always much more difficult to set up as opposed to using the hosting service we know is reliable.  Part of making it easy for customers to get the website they want is avoiding things that bring unnecessary complication.

  1. Does Fisher Websites design logos?

It is important for you to provide us with images, brochures, and other files that will help us build a website that matches your branding.  The most important item is the logo.  Almost every business needs a logo.  We do not design logos on a regular basis, but we have found a website that you can use to quickly build a professional logo.  It is called "Free Logo Services" and is very easy to use and you can get a logo very quickly.  Visit our Special Deals page to get a link that gives you a discount for getting a logo.  You can have the logo you want very quickly and very easily.  We also have contacts who we know build good logos that you can ask us about.

  1. How fast is turnaround between the time a customer submits a request for a website and the website is complete?

Turnaround is mostly dependent on the customer.  The process requires the customer to give feedback several times before the website is published.  If the customer provides immediate feedback, the process takes less than a week for the average sized website.  Some customers, however, take a long time to give feedback so some projects can be drawn out for months.

  1. How many email addresses are included with the website if any?

We no longer provide email addresses for clients.  If they buy their own domain through Godaddy they can easily get emails through Goaddady on that domain.  This way whenever they need to add or remove an email address they can handle that through Godaddy directly instead of depending on Fisher Websites as a middle man.

  1. Does the customer sign a contract in regards to the annual hosting?

No, there is no contract.  If the customer does not pay the annual fee, the website is no longer hosted or maintained.

  1. Does Fisher Websites offer search engine optimization?

We run the code we produce through a program that optimizes it for search engines at a fundamental level.  It adds title tags, meta tags (keywords & descriptions), and Google Analytics code to the HTML before we upload it to the hosting server.  We do not do search engine optimization beyond this fundamental level, but this is sufficient to rank well on local searches when combined with a Google Places Business ProfileLearn more...

  1. What are some features that Fisher Websites does not offer?

We do not provide websites with any of the following advanced features or material:

    -  Inappropriate images

    -  Super advanced user interactive websites like Facebook, Twitter, eHarmony, etc.

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